cf_panel_4Founded on the family tradition of service and honesty, McLane Classic Foods was inspired by L.L. Blaylock, Sheriff of Milam County in Central Texas. Sheriff Blaylock was the grandfather of accomplished businessman, Drayton McLane, Jr., owner of McLane Group and founder of McLane Classic Foods.

When established in 1992, McLane Classic Foods primary focus was on producing an All-Beef Chili based on the Blaylock family recipe.   25 years later, this product is still being served at restaurants around the country.

Over the years, the company has evolved, adapting to industry changes, food trends and new processing technologies.  Today, our business consists almost exclusively of custom product manufacturing for the restaurant chain industry.

Our goal is to uphold the values laid down and treasured by the McLane family. We strive to live up to their model both in our relationship with customers and our commitment to quality products.